Solved:iCloud Calendar will not stay checked in Outlook 2022. Best solution

Solved:iCloud Calendar will not stay checked in Outlook 2022. Best solution

iCloud and Microsoft Outlook. Can’t they just get along?

Each time Microsoft Outlook is launched you find your iCloud calendar(s) unchecked?

Here’s a very simple solution.

iCloud calendar will not stay checked in Outlook

If you are finding that your iCloud calendar in Microsoft Outlook will not stay checked once you close Outlook, this may be the solution for you. I know, why can’t Microsoft and Apple just get along right?Although it has resolved the problem for many, it may or not resolve it for you. However it’s so quick and simple why not try? If this does not do the trick I can help.

Are you ready? Focused? Feeling positive? Let’s do this!

  1. Sign out of iCloud. You will be asked if you want to save your data. Although not absolutely necessary I suggest you say yes as an added precaution.

  2. Close Outlook

  3. Sign into iCloud, and check be sure the Calendars box is checked.

  4. Open Outlook. If you are one of the many folks who have been successful with this you are done.

Unfortunately if this does not resolve the issue of iCloud calendars becoming deselected when you close and reopen Outlook, your issues may be more serious and you’ll need to get professional help or do more research. As of the time of this writing I was unable to locate any 100% solutions for this issue, however the above seems to resolve the problem for the majority.

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