No longer do Seniors only have their grandchildren to turn to for gadget help.

Computer help for Seniors

computer help for Seniors

No longer do Seniors only have their grandchildren to turn to for gadget help.

Online Computer Repair “That Tech Jeff”, has been a favorite of computer users all over the U.S. when they need help with computers or gadgets. Jeff helps Seniors with their personal technology by phone, online and in the home. Online Computer Repair “That Tech Jeff” also offers discounts for Seniors.

Computer help for Seniors

Online Computer Repair “That Tech Jeffs own customer demographics attest to the growing interest access to tech support from people who are 50 and older. More than 75% of his clients for service for computers and tablets are between the ages of 55 and 80.

Online Computer Repair “That Tech Jeff, said the service will help those over 50 choose the devices that are the right for them and make the most of their electronics.

“It’s a fallacy that technology adoption is biased in favor of youth,” Jeff says. “The benefits of these tools are well-known and highly desirable to the 50-plus (age group).”

Online Computer Repair “That Tech Jeff” helps Seniors with the setup and installation of computers, tablets and peripherals and troubleshooting and repair services.

His services also includes phone training on every device from digital cameras to Internet safety.

Computer help for Seniors

Today’s computers are actually very user-friendly. Once you’re comfortable with a few basic concepts, you’ll find it’s easy to expand on that knowledge. You can learn to “drive” a computer just as you learned to drive a car.

You didn’t need to know everything about the inner workings of the internal combustion engine in order to get your license.

Perhaps you want Computer help for Seniors to stay in touch with those you love. That’s fine. It’s not necessary to learn a lot of technical stuff in order to email your friends and family.

You might surprise yourself, though, when you discover all the amazing things you can do on a computer.

Before you know it, you’ll be exploring the world from your living room, shopping and paying bills online and keeping track of your investments.

You might even find yourself playing an online game or two with your grand-kids no matter where they live.

With Computer help for Seniors, you’ll discover a computer is nothing more than a fancy tool. However, when it connects to the internet via a modem or router, something almost miraculous happens.

You become part of a global network that combines a library with a marketplace.

A world of information, products and fun is at your fingertips. Jeff starts from scratch, explaining how computers work, defining the terminology and showing you how to use a mouse or touch-pad.

Seniors often move at a slower pace. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

After the basics have been covered, you’ll learn about Windows. What is Windows? That’s a popular operating system or software. It’s how computers became usable for just about everyone (and how Bill Gates became so rich).

Once you understand Windows, you possess a strong foundation in computer education. You can advance to programs such as Word, a word processor and Excel, a spreadsheet program.

The next time your grand-kids have a computer question, they’ll be coming to you for the answer.