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I rate Jeff absolutely excellent in his expertise and help. He’s a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him!

Betty M. Review

I could not have asked for anyone better. He went above and beyond. I put him in my contacts. I will not trust anyone else with my computer.

Victoria J. Review

Jeff was so professional. He gave me a second opinion and basically baked up the decision to put new internal drive in and new software. He sent me to computer repair shop that was so very perfect. They will have my computer as good as new soon. Jeff did not even charge me. What an honest and knowledgeable person. HE KNOWS HIS STUFF!

Eileen T. Review

Jeff was, without a doubt, the most competent computer support professional I’ve ever worked with. He was not only extremely capable, but his customer interaction style created a friendly, non-judgmental experience. I will definitely contact him again whenever I have a computer problem, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to finally find someone who knows what they’re doing. Thank you Jeff!

Richard M. Review

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Although we may be quite a distance apart I can still provide great computer help and also save you money. Many of my clients live far away from me yet I help them whenever they need it.

My rate is guaranteed at just $69.99. I do not charge if I cannot fix your issue or if it just cant be fixed for any reason – so you have nothing to lose but time!

For me to help you there is just one requirement:

1. The computer must turn on and you must have an Internet connection.

If this is the case for you I can help.

I do not repair cracked screens, or broken laptop charging ports.

I do repair everything else.

I look forward to providing you with great computer help!

If you would like to discuss first please feel free to text or call me. 805-697-6602.

I hope to hear from you and be your computer helper today!


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