How to renew Webroot through Geek Squad

how to renew webroot through geek squad

If you are running Windows 10 or Windows 11 and it is time for you to renew Webroot from Geek Squad you may want to think again.


If you have a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC, I highly recommend no third party antivirus. If you currently have Webroot from Best Buy and are up for renewal, my advice is to cancel it. Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 have antivirus and firewall already installed.

Adding a second anti virus to the mix is certainly going to cause both performance issues and can actually break Windows. I have personally had dozens of customers whos Windows computer became broken after a Windows update – because a 3rd party antivirus was installed.

Save some money and cancel your Webroot subscription and enjoy the top of the line, built in protection already included.

From the box to startup to browsing, Windows helps you stay secure

Next-generation antivirus and malware defense. Tracking prevention.2 Biometric logins.3 Windows features all built-in, always updated, and at no extra cost to you.