The Best Laptops for Seniors

The Best Laptops for Seniors

Whether you use your computer to run a business or only to check email, here is my list of the best laptops for seniors. I prepared this list based on ease of use and affordability. As we get older, many tasks become increasingly difficult. Using the Internet and email to stay up-to-date and in touch with friends and family should not be one of them.

Considerations – The Best Laptops for Seniors

Before going shopping for a new desktop or laptop computer, there are a few things seniors should consider.

Mac or PC? Both Mac and Windows computers are easy to use and can run the same software programs. Mac computers tend to be priced rather expensively; however, with that high price, you get quality products and support. Windows computers are the best way to go if you are on a more limited income, as they can often be found on sale for just a fraction of the price of an Apple computer.

What will you use it for?

You can purchase a lot less computer if you do not use a computer often and simply check email and browse the web. More expensive computers will not provide any real benefit to you, so it is wise to shop for more attractively priced computers. As of November 2024, you can purchase a new Windows-based desktop computer for $250 or less. A MAC will start at around $700 for the bottom of the line.

What software do you need?

All new computers come with some software. However, be clear on what you need for what you do. Are you a writer? You will certainly need a word processor, and these are typically not included in the purchase of a new computer. So you will need to either purchase Microsoft Office, or install Open Office which is a fantastic and free word processor. Into graphics? You may need to purchase Photoshop, which can cost as much as a desktop computer!

If you only plan on using email and the web, you should not need to purchase any additional software.

What is your budget?

Many seniors have limited incomes. For this reason, I usually recommend purchasing a Windows PC over an Apple PC. A senior can purchase a basic desktop PC for as low as $250. An affordable option for seniors.

The Best Laptops For Seniors

The following laptops received high ratings from individuals who have purchased them for themselves or for elderly parents and grandparents. Each laptop was evaluated for ease of use, any accessibility issues, functionality, and price.

This unit is priced to be affordable and offers everything a senior needs to use email and surf the web.

A bit more expensive but also more power in case you need more computer for uses such as Photoshop.

If you prefer a desktop computer over a laptop, you have choices.

The Best Laptops For Seniors

Additional Resources

For more information about shopping for the best laptops for Seniors and accessories, as well as getting the most from your new laptop, the following websites provide additional helpful information.

  • Skillful Senior: This helpful website offers tutorials and more to teach seniors how to make the most of their computers.
  • Learn Often cited as a good resource for beginners, GCF’s Learn Free offers basic computing courses online
  • Top Social Networking Sites: While not specifically for seniors, this list of sites will help anyone find the social networking platform that’s right for them. Whether you’re a casual user just interested in keeping up with friends and family or harnessing the power of social media for your business, you can find a site here.


Paying for a Laptop

Sometimes it can be difficult coming up with the funds for a new computer, but there are a few options to try that might help get you the laptop you need:

  • Refurbished laptops are machines that have been returned by the original owner to the company where the laptop will be repaired and factory reset. These laptops may or may not come with a manufacturer’s warranty; make sure to read the fine print to protect your investment.

These are my recommendations for the best laptops for seniors as of January 2024. I will be updating this often, so if you are not quite ready to start shopping for the best laptops for seniors, be sure to come back. And when you need computer help, I am here to help you.

For more information about seniors and technology, take a look here: AT&T SENIOR GUIDE TO TECHNOLOGY

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