Does geek squad fix things not bought at Best Buy in 2023?

Does geek squad fix things not bought at Best Buy in 2023?

Do you ever find yourself frustrated that your electronics just don’t seem to be holding up as well as they used to? Maybe you’ve even considered calling on the services of a certified technician like Geek Squad. But before you do, you wonder: Does Geek Squad fix things not bought at Best Buy?

The Geek Squad is not exclusive to Best Buy. Their website allows you to search for your nearest location by zip code or city. If you purchased your electronic device at another retailer (or if you bought it used), you may be able to have your broken device fixed by a local authorized service center instead.

Once you’ve identified a center near you that offers repair services for your device, give them a call to discuss your situation and find out if they can fix your problem.. Most repair centers will be able to diagnose and repair most devices, but they can’t always guarantee the same outcome for each repair.

Geek Squad is a service that repairs electronic devices like laptops and mobile phones for customers who have purchased the items at Best Buy.

[1] Not all electronic devices bought elsewhere can be fixed by Geek Squad; sometimes, the electronic device needs to be repaired by an authorized service center. However, if you have purchased from another store, you can call the phone number of your device’s manufacturer and have your device inspected before bringing it in for repair.

Geek Squad is a repair service that fixes things bought from Best Buy. Not all products can be serviced by Geek Squad.

If you had purchased your electronic item through Best Buy, you could call their customer care hotline to have them direct you to the nearest Geek Squad repair location.. Or if you don’t have access to their customer care numbers, you can look online to find a service center that can inspect your product before deciding on how to proceed with the repair.

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