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Computer help geek squad

Getting computer help geek squad may not be the wisest option – although a convenient one. Always consider a local computer repair shop whenever possible. Why you ask?

Here are just a few reasons to avoid computer help geek squad

  1. You will pay as much as $129 for your repair. The Geek Squad technician who has the skills and knowledge to perform you repair gets paid between $11 and $15 dollars. Not a very fair slip to say the least.
  2. Computer help geek squad does not perform any hardware repairs. These types of computer repairs are shipped out by geek squad to a third party and can take more than 30 days to be returned to you.

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Your local computer repair shop or technician is always the best choice.

You will typically find more experience, fairer pricing, and overall better service.

Computer help geek squad is extremely popular with students but is not the best choice. For instance with “That Tech Jeff” you can receive computer help online and pay just $69.99 flat rate – no matter how long your repair takes.

This is an extremely affordable and convenient way to get the computer help you need when you need it.

And when you are ready to get friendly, honest, and affordable computer help give me a try. You will glad you did.

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