The Mysterious Beeping Monitor: A technician was called to fix a computer that kept beeping. After checking all the usual suspects, they discovered the source was actually a Tamagotchi toy stuck behind the monitor. The toy was running low on battery and beeping for attention​.

Unusual Computer Repair Stories

Unusual Computer Repair Stories

The Possessed Printer: One repairman encountered a printer that printed random symbols and gibberish. After investigating, it turned out that the office cat liked to sit on the keyboard, causing the strange print jobs​.

The Haunted Hard Drive: A customer insisted their hard drive was haunted because it made eerie noises. Upon inspection, the technician found that a small plastic piece was loose inside, causing it to rattle. No ghosts, just loose parts!​ (

The Exploding Laptop: A laptop came in with severe damage that looked like it had exploded. The owner revealed it had been used as a coaster for a boiling hot cup of coffee, which melted through the casing and caused the battery to short circuit and burst​

The Surprising Password: One tech was fixing a computer for an elderly client who couldn’t remember their password. After trying several guesses, the tech jokingly suggested “password.” Amazingly, that was the correct password!​

Bonus Story:

  • The Literal “Cloud Storage”: A technician received a computer covered in a sticky, white substance. It turned out the user, in an attempt to back up their data to the “cloud,” had literally stored their external hard drive in a bag of marshmallows!

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Repairing Computers Can Bring Surprises

Fixing computers can be a wild adventure. Every computer has its own set of problems, and sometimes, the issues are so strange that they become unforgettable stories. Here’s a simple and fun look at one of the weirdest computer repair stories ever, plus a few other odd tales that technicians have shared.

The Spooky Hard Drive

Imagine a computer that seems haunted! That’s what one technician thought when they got a call from someone who said their computer was making creepy noises, like whispering voices and scratching sounds.

The Strange Noises

When the technician arrived, everything seemed normal until the computer started making those spooky noises. It sounded like tiny voices and weird scratching, and it seemed to come from inside the computer case.

Finding the Source

The technician opened the computer and found that the sounds were coming from the hard drive (the part that stores all the files). After checking it closely, they found tiny scratches on the hard drive’s surface. These scratches made the read/write heads (small parts inside the hard drive) produce sounds that, when amplified by the computer case, sounded like whispers!

Explaining to the Client

The client thought their computer was haunted, but after the technician replaced the hard drive and showed that the noises stopped, the client felt a bit better. They realized it wasn’t a ghost but just a very unusual problem with their hard drive.

More Strange Computer Repair Stories

Here are some other weird and funny stories from computer repair technicians:

The Exploding Capacitor

One time, a computer kept turning off by itself. When the technician looked inside, they found that a part called a capacitor had exploded, leaving a small crater. The reason? A spider had built a web inside the computer, causing it to short circuit!

The Fish Tank PC

Another time, a client tried to make a super cool water-cooled computer by putting all the parts in a fish tank filled with water. That’s not how water cooling works! All the parts got soaked and were ruined. Oops!

The Sticky Note Prank

In one case, a computer was running really slow. When the technician opened it up, they found it full of sticky notes. The client’s child had thought it would be funny to decorate the inside of the computer, but it caused it to overheat and run badly.

Fixing computers can be a lot more exciting than you might think. The haunted hard drive story is one of the strangest, but there are plenty of other bizarre tales, like exploding capacitors, fish tank PCs, and sticky note pranks.

These stories show that behind every broken computer, there might be a crazy adventure waiting to be discovered. So, if your computer starts acting weird, don’t worry—it’s probably not haunted, but it might be time to call in a professional!