The honest truth about computer repair in 2023

The honest truth about computer repair in 2023

The Honest Truth About Computer Repair

The honest truth about computer repair

The honest truth about computer repair is that we now live in a disposable world. Laptop and desktop computers are available today for as low as $225 new. Cell phones do just about everything your PC can, albeit with a much small screen. For many of us we really need something better than a cell phone, so we stick to our desktop or laptop computer. And when we have problems with those we have a decision to make. Repair or replace?

The honest truth about computer repair is that it depends. While it’s true a new computer can be purchased for as little as about $225 there are many of us you have high end laptops. These laptops cost a bit more – up to the thousands of dollars. Obviously if you own a $2000 laptop and its got a problem you will want to determine if it can be repaired. Try and locate a computer repair shop with no diagnostic fee. There really is no sense in paying just to be told your computer can’t be repaired!

Once you determine whether or not your computer can be repaired it’s time for the big decision. Is it worth it? It just takes a bit of simple math. If the repair cost is more than 50% of the cost of replacing my advice is to replace. You’ll end up with a computer that has the latest OS and security, and is under warranty. Spending more than 50% of the replacement value to repair is a risk – what may go wrong or fail next?

If your problem is software related the smart decision will almost always be repair. In my opinion, you should never pay more than $70 for any software repair, including re-installation of the OS.

If your problem is hardware related things start to become much more expensive. Hardware repairs typically require disassembly and reassembly of your computer, particularly with laptops. Any laptop hardware repair is high risk, even for the most experienced computer technician. In addition to this we now have the cost of replacement parts, which can in some cases be as much as the computer was purchased for when new.

The honest truth about computer repair is that its probably smartest to repair any type of software problem. For hardware problems stick to the 50% rule. If the repair will cost 50% or more of replacing – replace. If you’re not sure contact a reputable computer repair technician in your area or online.


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