Your Phone to a Hotel TV

How to Stream Your Phone to a Hotel TV

How to Watch Your iPhone on a Hotel TV

When you’re in a hotel and want to watch your favorite shows from your iPhone on the TV, there are a few ways to make it happen. Let’s talk about the best and easiest options first, then move on to some tricks you can try if those don’t work.

Can I connect my phone to a hotel TV?

Can I AirPlay my phone to a hotel TV?

Is it safe to cast to hotel TV?

Phone to a Hotel TV

Using AirPlay (If Your Hotel Has It)

AirPlay is like magic for your iPhone! It lets you send what’s on your phone to a TV wirelessly. Some hotels, like some Holiday Inns and Candlewood Suites, now have special TVs that work with AirPlay. To use it, turn on the hotel TV, and you’ll see a square box with weird dots on it (a QR code). Use your iPhone to take a picture of it, and—ta-da!—your phone is connected to the TV.

After that, you can start playing videos or music on your iPhone, and they will show up on the big screen. It’s super easy, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally showing your video to someone else’s TV. Pretty cool, right?

Phone to a Hotel TV

Phone to a Hotel TV

Other Ways to Connect Your iPhone to a Hotel TV

If your hotel doesn’t support AirPlay, don’t worry! You can bring a special little gadget, like a Roku or Fire TV Stick. They can also help you watch stuff from your phone on the TV. The tricky part is that hotel TVs don’t always let you plug things in because they have these control boxes that keep them locked.

Phone to a Hotel TV

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Unplug the Control Box: Look behind the TV and find where the cables are connected. If you see something labeled “Ethernet” or “HDMI,” you can gently unplug it (don’t pull too hard!). This usually disconnects the control box, and now you can plug in your Roku or Fire TV Stick.
  2. Restart the TV: Once you’ve unplugged the control box, turn the TV off and on again. Now, plug in your gadget and change the TV input until you see it on the screen.
  3. Connect to Wi-Fi: Your gadget might need Wi-Fi to work, so follow the instructions to connect it to the hotel’s Wi-Fi. Sometimes, you need to open a browser page to do this.
  4. Use a Mobile Hotspot: If the hotel’s Wi-Fi isn’t great, you can use your phone as a hotspot. Just remember, this can use a lot of data!

When you’re done watching, make sure you plug everything back in the way you found it. The hotel might not be too happy if you leave things unplugged.

Phone to a Hotel TV

Phone to a Hotel TV

Casting from an Android Phone

If you have an Android phone, like a Samsung or Google Pixel, it’s pretty similar. Some hotels, like Wyndham and Hyatt, have Chromecasts built into their TVs, which makes it super easy to connect. Just follow the hotel’s instructions to cast your phone to the TV.

If there’s no Chromecast, you can use your own gadget, like a Fire TV Stick or Chromecast. Follow the same steps as with the iPhone to get them set up. You might also need Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, depending on what you use.

With all these tricks, you should be able to watch your favorite shows and movies on the hotel TV in no time. Happy watching!

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Phone to a Hotel TV