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You could be perplexed about where to find the option to save an email as a PDF if you’re not familiar with Outlook. Since it’s not directly accessible through Outlook, it is somewhat concealed from the uninitiated. To convert it, you must first select “print” and then “convert.”

Depending on the kind of computer you have, some of the instructions might change somewhat. Nevertheless, the basic steps for accessing the email print option should be the same. You should be good from there if you are familiar with your computer’s printing processes.

In light of that, here’s how to proceed:

Follow these steps to save an Outlook email as a PDF:

1. Launch Outlook and sign in if necessary.

2. Choose the email that you wish to convert to a PDF.

3. Select the three dots in the message’s upper-right corner.

4. Select “Print.”

5. Confirm your selection by clicking “Print” again.

6. Click the dropdown to change the destination to “Save as PDF.”

7. Click “Save.”

8. Select your save destination, and change the file name if desired, then click “Save.”

How to save an Outlook email as a pdf

How to save an email from Outlook as a PDF on a computer

1. Take the first and second steps listed in the section above.

2. Select “Print” from the “File” menu.

3. Choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” from the drop-down option.

3. Select “Print.”

5. Choose a folder for your PDF in the “Save Print output As” pop-up window, give the file a name, and click “Save.”

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