2023 Computer Repair Best Kept Secret

Do computer repair shops steal data? 2023 Computer Repair Best Kept Secret

Most computer shops are honest. At least the small ones are. Reputation means a lot and unlike the large corporations like Geek Squad, small computer shops and independent computers techs truly care if you leave happy or not. The big boys have a line of customers. If you are unhappy, they can just move on to the next in line.

Do computer repair shops steal data? Small computer shops and independent computer technicians simply cannot risk having an unhappy customer. These small businesses rely on reviews and word of mouth. We are not located inside of a huge electronics store. We do not have millions of dollars to spend on advertising.

In addition, getting computer help online is certainly much safer than taking your computer to a shop. As long as you’re careful who you call, and do your research first. Read the reviews before you call! Would you rather leave your computer somewhere having no clue what might be accessed? Or get computer help online where you can literally see everything the tech does and have complete control?

How do I protect my computer when repairing? 2023 Computer Repair Best Kept Secret

Unfortunately when you leave your computer at a shop, it comes down to a matter of trust. You won’t be able to see your computer being worked on, so if you do not completely trust the shop or person working on your computer, you are certainly at risk. The benefit of getting computer help online eliminates this risk. With online computer repair you can see everything the technicians does. If they do anything you do not think they should be doing, you can easily disconnect them. How do I protect my computer when repairing? There is not much you can do to protect your computer when its out of your sight, since the repair person needs to have full access to the computer to make repairs.

If you have never tried getting computer help before I highly recommend you do. Just be safe about it and read the reviews before you call. Reviews can’t be faked. Never allow anyone on your computer if they called you. Only if you have researched them first, and you have called them.

Is it worth fixing a 7 year old computer? 2023 Computer Repair Best Kept Secret

I have seen computers fail at less than two years old. I have one client still running Windows 98 on a 25 year old computer. Im my experience, a 7 year old computer may or may not be worth fixing. If it is a desktop pc or a Mac, it may be worth the expense whether the issue is hardware or software related.

If it is a Windows laptop I would not recommend spending any money on hardware repairs. If there are problems with the Operating system or its running slowly, it’s quite possible it is worth repairing. However if its hardware such as the hard drive, at today’s prices you’d likely be better off replacing.

Is it worth fixing a 7 year old computer? It just depends.

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2023 Computer Repair Best Kept Secret

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