You can contact Dell by phone, live chat, or social media, and an agent will react to assist you if you need assistance with your laptop. Last year, Dell answered the majority of our questions quickly and accurately, but they were a touch too eager to seize remote control of our laptops. The quantity of accurate responses we got from Dell’s representatives this year again pleased us.

However, because of the new virtual assistant, getting in touch over the phone and over social media was a huge hassle. Dell continues to insist on controlling your system remotely. In spite of the fact that the app itself was terribly slow and occupied the most of the call times, I loved that this time the app was very explicit about what the agent was doing.

Online and social resources

If you’re like me and want to avoid speaking to people unless it is absolutely necessary, you can visit Dell’s help website(opens in new tab) to resolve your problem. You may access specific pages for drivers and downloads, warranty and agreements, software licenses, and diagnostics and tools from the main page.

You can use the support page’s search field to enter a service tag, serial number, service request, model, or keywords that describe your problem. Depending on what you search for, this will send you to a separate search support page (opens in new tab) with a selection of resources including drivers, forums, manuals, and videos. For instance, the fifth link down in my search for “How to turn off auto display brightness” contained instructions on how to turn off adaptive brightness (opens in new tab).

Open the Dell SupportAssist app if you can’t locate what you’re looking for on the help page.

With the help of this app, you may update your computer’s drivers, find answers to problems, and communicate with a Dell professional. The Get Support category provides phone, live chat, and email contact information for Dell. The “Contact Us” option, however, only takes you to a webpage that forces you to click on a “Technical Support” link before arriving at a page where you can press a drop-down button to get the main support number (1-800-624-9896). Simply having the phone number posted in the SupportAssist app would have sufficed.

Before you can choose your preferred means of communication—email, chat, or call—on the Technical Support page, the website must first recognize your laptop. Unfortunately, those selections were grayed out because the website was unable to recognize my machine. I had to manually enter my service tag. The next question was “Tell us the nature of the request,” and depending on the answer, it provided me with a link to a certain support website and a list of ways to get in touch with Dell below. I first tried the live chat (available 24/7).

What’s the best way to link my phone to my laptop? Kency, the salesperson, recognized that I was discussing Dell Mobile Connect right away and asked if they could remotely operate my laptop to set me up. Although it seemed like a long time, they claimed the procedure would only take 20 to 25 minutes, and I appreciated their candor. The agent forced me to accept a terms and agreement policy before we spoke, which is instructive for someone who wouldn’t know what they’re getting into.

I received prompts from the remote session program asking if I wanted to share my screen, cede control of my keyboard and mouse, and access administrator tools. I valued how carefully everything was handled to make sure I understood everything and had an opportunity to approve of everything. Following that, everything worked without a hitch, and by 1:36 pm, I had set up the app and linked my phone to the PC. The live support was excellent overall.

Alternatively, you can connect with Dell on social media if live chat isn’t your thing. Support teams can be contacted on Facebook (, Twitter (@DellCares), YouTube, and Dell community forums. Reddit has also been expanded by Dell.

My interaction with Dell’s social media assistance, however, was mixed-bag. I sent Dell a direct message on Twitter and asked, “How can I download the new Microsoft Edge browser?” before I learned this laptop’s warranty had run out. Unluckily, I was greeted by a robot that requested my service tag. When I was out of warranty, it informed me that I couldn’t be helped but offered links for warranty assistance and contact support.

I renewed the warranty, but I received no response. So, in an effort to get a response, I started @ing them on Twitter directly. In about 13 minutes, a representative responded to my message and sent me a direct message with instructions on how to add Microsoft Edge to my taskbar (not what I asked for). Before the agent finally emailed me the correct link to download the latest Microsoft Edge browser, it took another 13 minutes or so.

Reaching out via Facebook was a similarly bittersweet experience for me. How do I increase the bass on my speakers, I wondered. I asked them to inform me about the Waves MaxxAudio program that is included with most Dell computers in an effort to learn more about it. And it took around 20 minutes for it to connect me to a real person after I went through a lengthy procedure with a different virtual assistant. The customer service agent tried to convince me to turn on “Bass Boost” in Windows, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

I was unable to locate Bass Boost using their directions, therefore the customer service agent requested remote control access. They fiddled around with the Windows 10 sound options for a while, so I tried to prod them along by asking if Dell supplied any additional apps. They developed the MaxxAudio app really quickly. This decision took approximately an hour to come to, which isn’t fantastic.

Phone assistance

The simplest option would be to call Dell directly, but if you must remote connect with someone, be prepared to wait for a while at a loading screen. If you need technical support, call 1-800-999-3355 instead of Dell’s main customer service line at 1-800-624-9897.

For Premium Support and Premium Support Plus, Dell also provides particular numbers (1-800-624-9896). Additionally, there are phone numbers for non-warranty residential customers (1-800-288-4410) and fee-based software assistance (1-866-795-5597).

The majority of Dell’s phone lines are available around-the-clock because they have call centers in 13 nations (Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Finland, Holland, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Panama, Philippines, Romania, and Slovakia).

Premium Support offers 24/7 phone support, on-site service after remote diagnosis, international support, and also unlocks SupportAssist features that’ll automatically detect issues and initiates troubleshooting proactively. Meanwhile, Premium Support Plus gives you everything the lower tier offers plus coverage for accidental hardware damages from drops, spills or surges. You also get access to experts who’ll help you do a number of things, such as setting up home networks, using software, uploading and editing photos or performing data backups.

If your laptop’s warranty has expired, you can renew it on Dell’s website, as we did with the one I used. It was an easy procedure that involved entering the service identifier into the support website in order to be directed to a page where I could choose the sort of renewal I desired.

If you need to submit your laptop for repairs, Dell offers two-way free shipping inside the U.S. Additionally, replacing the storage drives or RAM in your Dell laptop won’t violate the warranty on the device as a whole, but Dell won’t provide support for parts that don’t come from them.

In the end, Dell’s customer service representatives did a good job at providing precise responses, even though it took some time. I liked live chat the most because it puts you in direct contact with a Dell representative and is simpler to set up if the representative wants to operate your machine remotely. And it’s wonderful that you can swap out individual components while keeping the remainder of your laptop under warranty.

The placement of the virtual assistant in social media, however, was dreadfully unpleasant. Reaching out to Dell became just as draining as making a routine phone call as a result. Additionally, the Dell Remote Assist app’s connection to an agent takes an excruciatingly lengthy time for some reason.

Although Dell’s software may want improvement, Dell’s customer service representatives were generally on spot, so by the end of your talk, they’ll have you where you need to be.

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