The Complete 2023 Guide to Getting Computer Help Online Safely

Online computer help is the way to go. As long as you play it safe. Follow this guide to learn how to avoid being scammed online

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The Complete Guide to Getting Online Computer Help – The safe way

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Getting computer help online is a great way to go. Computer help online lets you do other things. But be safe about it! Don’t be fooled by the bad guys. No legitimate computer repair will every call you. It must always be you calling them.

Be sure to read the reviews first

Delete fake emails which say they have charged for something you know you did not purchase.

Never pay any company with gift or pre-paid cards

Trust yourself. If it seems suspicious at all, don’t take the chance.

With so many people working from home these days the demand for online computer help has skyrocketed. Along with this, the number of scams has also grown significantly. The frequency of these scams actually prompted Google to ban all third party tech support ads. Here are a few tips to help you avoid being scammed when seeking online computer help.

If you receive a phone call telling you that you have a computer problem, it’s fake.

100% of the time


Most of these scams apparently are geared at Seniors. Personally, I have always suspected they somehow have access to AARP.

I can’t see any other way these scammers find their Senior victims. This computer scam warning is especially important for Seniors to understand.

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