The Complete Guide to Getting Computer Help Online Safely

Computer Help Online Safely

A word of warning about getting computer help online

I pride myself in begin honest and fair with my customers in need of online computer repair. However not everyone is honest. A few tips about getting computer help online:

Rule #1

NEVER believe a pop up telling you your PC is infected – even if it says its from Microsoft. These pop up virus warnings are fake.

Rule #2

Your online computer helper should never be the one reaching out to you. When you need computer help you will be quite aware of it yourself. You should always be the one reaching out for help and never the other way around!

By realizing that no one but you knows how your computer is doing you can be confident that any pop ups or phone calls telling you that your computer is infected is likely fake.

Weary of getting computer help online? No need to be. Read on.

Can someone fix my computer remotely?

Online computer help is nothing new. It’s been around for decades. I myself have been providing online computer repair all over the U.S. for about 20 years myself. I started out using remote software as a way to help my business clients after hours, or in a hurry. It wasn’t very good back in the early 2000’s. We had slow computers, slow Internet speeds, and the remote software was in it’s infancy.

As Internet speeds increased over years, so did the number of things we could see and do on our home computers. We started live video chats, which in the beginning were fun but low quality. We were able to download software. The video chats became better and better as the technology improved. High speed Internet changed everything. Especially online computer help.

No matter what type of online computer help you need it fits the bill. Microsoft Office, Windows, Mac, printers and everything else you can likely think of. Consider this: When a computer technician works on your laptop or desktop computer remotely, it’s just as if they were sitting in front of it. There is literally no difference as far as what that technician can help with. The only limitation are hardware issues, which with replacement computers being so inexpensive these days are often not worth repairing at all. Unfortunately we seem to live in a disposable world.

Where can I get online tech support?

While today’s increased health risks to all of us with this Coronavirus are certainly troubling, online computer help eliminates the risk completely. No need to leave your home or office. No need to wait for an appointment. Reduced repair cost. The only negative to computer help online are the bad apples out there. However if you are aware and do your research, locating a trustworthy online computer help should not be a problem for you.

Ask friends and family for recommendations and read reviews. Once you find an online computer help you can trust you will likely never want to get computer help any other way.

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