Online Computer Help For Seniors

The Problem

Seniors have with getting computer help online is that are are so many dishonest companies out there. Some of these companies will even go so far as to call folks out of the blue, pretending that they are noticing a problem with your computer online. Follow these tips to get safe online computer help for Seniors

The Solution

Perform a quick Google search on the company before calling, you can reduce the risk of getting computer help online to almost zero. You’ll be able to see how long they have been around, where they are located, and most importantly read their reviews. If they do not show their reviews, there is likely good reason for that. And it’s typically not good.

online computer help for seniors


I have been helping Seniors online with their computer problems and tutoring for 14 years now. Altogether I have been working with computers for about 25 years. I have managed to accumulate more than 900 five-star reviews.

Currently 270 on Google and 649 on The advantage I have with helping Seniors online with their computer problems, is that I am very patient and understanding. I also understand that many Seniors are on a limited budget.

You can learn more about me and online computer help for Seniors HERE