One Apple ID can be connected to one AirTag.

Anyone who has previously used an AirTag must first delete it from their Apple ID in order for you to utilize it. You must reset the AirTag before using it with your devices if the prior user deleted it from their Apple ID but did so when the AirTag was outside of their Bluetooth range.

How to reset your AirTag is as follows:

Your AirTag‘s battery cover is made of polished stainless steel. To twist it counterclockwise until it stops, press down on it.

Take off the battery and the cover.

Switch out the battery.

The battery should make a sound as you apply pressure. When the battery makes this noise, it is connected.

Repeat the procedure four more times, removing and replacing the battery each time before pressing down on it until a sound is produced. Every time you press on the battery, there should be a sound, making a total of five sounds. In contrast to the first four, the fifth sound is unique. The AirTag is now prepared to pair, as shown by this.

Aligning the three tabs on the cover with the three slots on your AirTag will allow you to replace it.

Depress the cover firmly.

The cover should be rotated counterclockwise until it stops.

* Caution: Small children may choke on AirTag, the battery cover, or the battery and sustain other injuries. Keep young children away from these products.


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