laptop out of disk space

For checking e-mail or browsing the web, you can probably get by with 256GB of storage, which is standard on most new laptops today.

That’s plenty of room for a couple of apps, games, and so on. Besides, programs like Word and Excel don’t take up a ton of space anyway. However in many cases newer laptops just do not provide hard drives large enough for all your programs and files. You’ll quickly find your laptop out of disk space.

A simple solution is to purchase a SanDisk card. The card is inserted into the SanDisk slot on your laptop, and literally acts as an additional hard drive.

If you are running Windows 10 or Windows 11, you can change settings so that going forward, all files and programs are saved to the SanDisk, keeping your laptop disk space from filling up.

laptop out of disk spaceBrand new laptop and Drive C: is already almost full

Laptop Out Of Disk Space

Ranging in price from just $29.99 for a 256GB card, to $64.99 for a 512MB SanDisk card, this is an inexpensive solution to your laptop hard drive filling up. And if you need help changing Windows settings to utilize your SanDisk card, I am always here to help.

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Laptop Out Of Disk Space