Changing the brightness in Windows 11 is simple, and you can do so in a variety of methods, including Quick Settings, Settings, the shortcut key, and others.

How do I adjust screen brightness in Windows 11?

How To Adjust the Brightness on a Windows 11 Laptop

It is often helpful to adjust the brightness of your computer. You may change the screen brightness according to the surroundings if you wish to see better in bright light and reduce the strain on your eyes at night. This is an activity that you perform on a daily basis whether you use a Windows desktop, laptop, or notebook. Turning down the brightness on a laptop saves energy and extends its life.

If you are running a Windows 11 PC, how can you change the brightness of your computer screen?

How to Adjust the Brightness on a Windows 11 Laptop


Will computer glasses help with headaches?

Imagine your eyes are like little superheroes protecting your brain from yucky light! Sometimes, looking at screens for too long can make your eyes feel tired, like they’ve been fighting bad guys all day.

These special glasses, some people call them computer glasses, are like tiny shields for your eyes. They might help block some of the light from screens that can make your eyes feel tired. But here’s the secret: grown-ups are still figuring out if these glasses really work like super-eye-protectors!

The good news is, wearing them won’t hurt your eyes. So, if you want to wear them and they make your eyes feel better, that’s awesome!


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