Windows 11 need antivirus? 2023 Update

Windows 11 offers numerous improvements across many fields. Numerous areas, including performance, design, user experience, and security, are enhanced by the OS. In fact, Microsoft claimed that Windows 11 was the most secure OS it had ever released when it released.

And Windows 11 places a lot of emphasis on security. In comparison to Apple throughout the years, Microsoft has always lagged a little in terms of OS security. But the Windows 11 upgrade shows that they have improved. Windows 11 now demands an upgrade to the most important hardware security, which is entirely unusual. Microsoft has taken the risky step, even if it means that not all PCs will be able to benefit from the upgrade.

However, some community members have interpreted this to indicate that Windows 11 is no longer in need of antivirus software. So that you may confidently operate your system, let’s dispel some myths and evaluate the entire issue through a tiny lens, if you will.

What does Windows 11’s Hardware Security Mean?

You need a PC with a TPM 2.0 chip that supports Secure Boot in order to install Windows 11 on it. Your PC will be protected during booting thanks to the secure boot feature, which also prevents malware attacks.

A device in your computer known as the TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, performs hardware-based security-related operations on your system. Compared to software-based security, hardware-based security is significantly more impervious.

To store cryptographic operations, we employ TPM. Instead of incorporating them into the software, storing them in the TPM makes them more secure. Compared to TPM, software-based random-number security techniques are more prone to hacking. Numerous PC apps, including Chrome, Outlook, Firefox, and others, employ TPM for encryption when it is offered. TPM is also used by the Windows Hello security feature to encrypt your login information.

As far as security goes, TPM is a real powerhouse. And Windows 11 is currently the most secure OS thanks to the combination of both measures, which shield the booting process and safeguard cryptographic operations in hardware.

Therefore, the requirement of TPM and Secure Boot does give the impression that Windows 11 is impenetrable. That’s not the case, though. Modern computers are nevertheless susceptible to a variety of attacks, despite the fact that they are protected against a wide range of threats.

Antivirus Requirement for Windows 11

Yes, Windows 11 has successfully thwarted a variety of malware threats. Windows 11 neutralizes a lot of assaults that enter your PC even before the boot process is finished. What about the other assaults, though?

Since many years ago, viruses have been the misery of our digital existence. These unwelcome apps that sneak into our systems can cause so much devastation. Antivirus software, however, does more than only defend our system from common malware. In fact, continuing to refer to it as simply a “antivirus” is unjustified. Because of this, several services no longer provide such service.

These apps offer comprehensive security, including parental controls, ransomware prevention, virus protection, and internet security.

The good news is that Windows 11 does not require a third-party antivirus program. Microsoft Defender, which is already installed, is more than capable of safeguarding your computer.

Microsoft Defender to the Rescue

Microsoft Defender is a free, integrated antivirus program that has been a part of Windows in some capacity for quite some time. It was formerly known as Windows Defender. The antivirus wasn’t previously turned on by default. In the absence of a third-party antivirus, the software is automatically enabled starting with Windows 10. To prevent any conflicts, it does automatically enter a state of suspended animation when it detects third-party antivirus.

be safe

Therefore, you are not need to install a third-party antivirus on Windows 11. Microsoft Defender will guard you against malware and viruses. Additionally, it offers parental controls, firewall and network protection, app and browser management, measures to assess the health and performance of devices, internet security, account protection, and device security.

windows 11 need antivirus

Even simple ransomware is protected against it. To stop unidentified applications from altering your files and folders, activate “Controlled Folder Access”.

The use of Microsoft Defender has various advantages. Windows 11 comes with the software preinstalled and has it turned on by default. It doesn’t require installation like other third-party applications does. In addition, it is cost-free, and unlike many other antivirus programs, it uses fewer resources.

Additionally, you can plan regular scans based on your suitability. It has also significantly improved over time, consistently outperforming competing antivirus systems in lab tests.

Additionally, Windows 11 makes using the central panel to control the defense incredibly simple.

Since its inception, Microsoft Defender has advanced significantly. The antivirus is more than adequate for the majority of users. Windows 11 is the most secure Microsoft operating system to date thanks to hardware security and Microsoft Defender.

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