Free password book with your $49.99 PC or Mac Tune Up

Get a free password book with your $49.99 PC or Mac Tune Up

Available Friday through Sunday only!

Just like a car, your PC or Mac computer needs to be maintained. This is not something you want to spend a lot of money on; however, it is something that should not be overlooked. I recommend a tune up at least every six months for daily users, and once per year for those who do not use their computer for more than an hour or so a day.

A computer tune-up includes the following:

  • Clear all cookies and trackers
  • Scan for malware or virus infections
  • Check security. Too little? Too much? Working correctly?
  • Install any updates available
  • Make sure your files are being backed up. Something you do not want to find out about too late!
  • Locate and correct any file system corruption
  • Identify any potential issues that may become more serious down the road.
  • *Windows computers only; check for and repair any broken registry entries.

This free password book offer is my way of introducing you to my online PC and Mac help service.

For Mac computers, this service takes approximately 30 minutes.

For Windows computers, this service typically takes 60–90 minutes.

I cannot include any type of repair service for this price; however, if repairs are needed, my full rate for online computer help for both PC and Mac computers is just $69.99. No matter how long it takes. If repairs are needed, a tune-up alone cannot be performed, however will be included in your repair.

If you are not really comfortable getting computer help online, you are smart to be cautious. I suggest you Google me, or look me up in your preferred search engine. I’ve been in business for just over 20 years, and have more than 1200 five-star reviews as of the date of this post. That in itself says a lot.

Your free password book will ship directly to you from Amazon after you have received and paid for your tune-up.

It’s a great and easy way to try and deal with the password hell we all currently live in! It’s also an $8 value, so you really only pay about $41 to get your computer running better.

  • Never Forget a Password Again – Always forget your password? Taja password keeper book provides an opportunity to create secure passwords and store them safely in one place, where no hacker can reach. Now, you won’t have to fry your brain in search of that password.