Computer Cooking

We all want to stay away from technology that reaches unsettling temperatures. For one Japanese YouTuber, however, hotter is preferable.

An unexpected home cook (if you can call them that) earned fame on a YouTube channel called “Samurai Channel,” which combines the expertise of tech channels and the visual titillation of cooking films.

Their main selling point? using the heat produced by a computer’s CPU to cook different kinds of food. Since its launch in 2013, the channel has gained more than 8,000 subscribers.

One of the most popular videos, which features the tiniest morsel of wagyu steak grilling on the CPU, has garnered more than 800,000 views.

They also succeeded in boiling and frying eggs over the CPU.

And managed to brew coffee.

There are a surprising amount of people who enjoy cooking on hot computer hardware, so this channel is not the only one that uses a CPU to create meals. However, something about the videos on the Samurai Channel adds to their allure.

Perhaps it’s the videos’ lack of context. Without any preface, the culinary action is thrust upon us, and the simplicity of it piques our interest.

Although the channel also offers healthful riding and camping videos, it is obvious that the CPU-cooking videos are the most well-liked ones.

We understand why. These films are brief, the idea is original, and it’s actually sort of relaxing to watch food slowly prepare itself on a computer. I now comprehend why some folks adore ASMR videos.

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