With Windows 11’s integrated parental control tools, you may restrict what your child’s account can do. This entails placing limits on screen time, preventing access to certain websites, applications, and games, as well as prohibiting online shopping.

How can I prevent my child from using the computer?

Create a kid account for your child and then set up various restrictions using the dedicated tools to limit their computer access. Check out the complete instructions below to learn the specific steps.

Using and configuring parental controls in Windows 11

The two main steps to setting up parental control on your Windows 11 computer are as follows:

Establish a child account.

To restrict access, set up and customize parental controls.

Make a Child Account in Step 1

To set up parental control in Windows 11 for your child, you must first establish a child account for them. Be aware that two Microsoft accounts are required for the parent account and the kid account. You will be prompted to create a new Microsoft account to link to the child’s account when creating a new child account. The primary steps to create a Child account on Windows 11 are as follows:

Launch Windows 11’s Settings application.

Go to the Accounts page or click on your account in the top menu.

Select “Family & other users” by tapping it.

In the Add a family member section, click the Add account button.

Choose the option to create one for a child.

Click Next after entering the child’s account’s email address.

Enter the password, then click Next.

Name your entry, then select Next.

Enter the child’s birthdate, choose the child’s country, and then click Next.

First, use the Windows + I hotkey to launch the Settings program. To access the Account settings, touch on your account name in the top-left corner or just choose the Account option from the left panel.

Windows 12 21

Select the Create one for a child option, which is indicated in the screenshot below, to open the Microsoft Account dialog window.


Create a new Microsoft account for your child after that. To create and utilize an email ID, just type it in and click the Next button.

2 1

The password you want to use with the new account must then be entered. Just enter your password and click the Next button.

set up parental control windows 11 31

The name of the child for whom the account is being created must now be entered.

3 1

Enter the child’s birthdate after choosing the nation or area. In essence, Windows 11 can impose age-based limits automatically thanks to the birthday.

4 1

When you finally click Next, the kid account will be established and linked to your account.

By heading to your Account Settings, you can alter the account type or prevent future sign-in for the new child account if you’d like.

2] Install and set up parental controls to restrict access.

You must set up parent control configurations to ban particular websites and other content after creating a child account. The main stages for configuring parental controls in Windows 11 are as follows:

Select Family & other users under Settings > Accounts.

Select the option to remove an account or manage family settings online.

The child account for which you want to configure parental restrictions should be chosen.

Time a screen should be on.

Limit websites, apps, and games by configuring content filters.

Activate spending reporting and additional spending controls.

First, as we did in the first section, navigate to Settings > Accounts > Family & other users. Choose the option to remove an account or manage family settings online after that.

5 1

Your default web browser will then open to the Microsoft Family Safety page. Choose the child account you wish to set up parental restrictions for on this page.

6 1

You will now see many tabs on the left panel of the Family Safety page of your child’s account, including Screen time, Content filtering, and Spending. You can customize each of these parameters individually and in accordance with your needs.

To configure screen time limits, first navigate to the Screen Time page and turn on the Use one schedule on all devices toggle.

7 1

You can now specify the daily maximum for screen time. By choosing the Everyday option, you can also maintain a consistent schedule every day.

Simply select a time frame by clicking on a specific day. You can also modify or add numerous schedules to restrict a child’s use of the account to a certain window of time. By selecting the Build a schedule option and entering the time window for the kid account’s use, you may add a new time schedule. You can add numerous time periods in this manner. Increase the screen time restrictions and click Done.

8 1

Next, select the Content filters tab and activate the toggle for Filtering problematic websites and searches under the Web and search area. Essentially, SafeSearch with Bing will be enabled, and any mature content on a child’s account will be blocked.


In addition, if you just wish to enable particular websites, you can select the Only use permitted websites option.

To add websites that you want to allow on the child account, click the Add a website (+) option located under Allowed sites. The Add a website (+) option is located under Blocked sites and can be used to prohibit access to specific websites.


To view and keep an eye on searches and web activity on your child’s account, you can also enable the Turn on activity reporting option.

After that, navigate to the Apps and Games tab under the Content filtering tab. To only allow age-restricted apps and games on your child’s account, you can set an age restriction here.


If your child requests access to a certain app, you will be asked for permission. The requested access can either be granted or denied.


You can click the Remove button under the Prohibited Apps section to grant access to an automatically blocked app.


You may now switch on the activity report for your child’s device spending under the Spending tab. Turn on the Activity Reporting toggle on this tab to do that.


Additionally, you can impose spending restrictions, enable spending notifications, and stop your child from making any purchases. From here, you can also look for payment options.


You can use the Family Safety mobile app to check the current location of your child or another family member thanks to Microsoft’s Find your family on a map function. Both the iPhone and Android versions of this software are free.

How can I make Windows 11/10’s parental controls inactive?

Simply go the Manage family settings online or deactivate an account option in Settings to turn off any parental controls (refer to above methods). Select the child’s account for which you wish to disable parental controls after that, and then remove any limits you’ve previously set.

On my computer, how can I install parental controls?

On a computer running Windows 11, parental controls are simple to utilize. You may quickly set up parental restrictions on your PC once you are on the administrator account. To restrict screen time, websites, applications, games, and spending, create a child account and then utilize the Manage family settings online or deactivate an account function from the Settings. The specific steps have been covered in depth below; now let’s proceed. Another option is to utilize a free parental control program.

How can I configure Google Chrome’s parental controls?

There are certain Chrome extensions you may use to configure parental controls in Google Chrome. MetaCert, Blocksi, and WebsiteBlocker are a few of the top Chrome extensions for parental control. Any of these extensions can be added to your Chrome browser, after which you can configure parental controls. Other web browsers also have parental controls that you can set up.

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