Two factor authentication-Avoid getting locked out of your own accounts

Two-factor authentication — also known as “2FA” — offers an extra layer of protection that can make all the difference. 2FA helps protect your accounts by requiring a level of identity verification beyond basic login credentials. While this might sound complicated, you’ve already been using 2FA for years without even realizing it: If you want to take out cash from an ATM, you don’t just put your card into the machine, you also enter your unique PIN. Although two factor authentication makes your Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram accounts very secure, it can also lock you our of your own account – permanently.

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As you can see, this process is simple, and the benefits of Phone 2FA are clear. First, it protects your employer account every single time you log in. Second, using a separate device to authenticate your identity offers an additional layer of security beyond the firewall. What’s more, SMS text messages are less vulnerable to attacks than email accounts.

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Maximum-level security helps minimize risk to online accounts

The added protections of Phone 2FA can make the difference between an account that’s vulnerable to an attack and one that’s not. Similar to answering security questions before changing an online password, it provides proof that you’re really you. While Indeed monitors all accounts for unusual activity, automatically prompting employers to authenticate via email if anything seems fishy, only Phone 2FA ensures that every single login is protected — helping prevent fishy behavior from happening in the first place.

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If you do set up two factor authentication you must remember one important issue that could very well lock you out of your own accounts – permanently.

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Two factor authentication uses your cell phones number to confirm your identity and make sure it is you attempting to access the account. A great way to help keep hackers out. But what happens if you lose access to your phone, or change your number?

If your phone is lost or you change your number – you can still gain access to your accounts – as long as you have setup a backup method.

When you setup two factor authentication, you may be asked to provide a backup email address, or generate access codes. It is extremely important that you do this when setting up two factor authentication as this may very likely be your only chance to regain access to your own account.

If your phone is lost or you change your phone number without updating it in your security settings, you can use the alternate email address or backup codes to get back in and update your two factor phone number. Without these, you like will never be able to recover your account. Neither Facebook nor Google will provide any help to you, and their recovery process will likely just lead you into circles.

If you do decide to setup two factor authentication, be sure to setup a backup method of accessing your account. You be be very glad you did.

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