Looking to get the Google Chrome installation package for Windows 11? On this page, you can find useful information about downloading, setting up, and configuring Google Chrome for Windows.

How to install google chrome on windows 11 in 2023

To download Google Chrome for Windows 11, go to google.com/chrome

The most popular browser in the world is Google Chrome. Chromium is a Google open-source project, whereas Chrome is Chromium Plus Google’s proprietary features, like sync, autofill, and more.

Download Chrome for Windows 11

The most recent version of Windows is available.

Reminder: Windows XP is no longer officially supported for Google Chrome. To use Chrome and obtain all the new features and security upgrades, I advise updating to a newer version of Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft is making a significant improvement with Windows 11, which is why they skipped the number 9 to emphasize their point. Their goal is to establish Windows as a platform in this era of multiple screens and get it ready for the Internet of Things. Even a new default web browser by the name of Edge exists (more on that later).

When Windows 11 was released as a Tech Preview, I immediately downloaded and installed it and began using Google Chrome on it. Without any problems or mistakes, I successfully finished the installation. Other than the small adjustments that come with Windows 11, there are currently no surprises.

It will be fascinating to see what changes Google makes to Chrome to take use of any new features that Windows 11 provides for applications. Will they, for instance, do anything with the live tiles?

To install Chrome on Windows 11, download the identical Windows installer from google.com/chrome. On my Windows 11 computer, Chrome was up and running in a matter of minutes.

Let’s look at some of the things you can do with your new favorite browser now that you’ve finished downloading the Google Chrome web browser.

Install Chrome for Windows 11

The procedures for installing Google Chrome on a Windows 11 PC are listed below.

Click Download Chrome at https://google.com/chrome

install chrome windows 11 a1

install chrome windows 11 b1

Click Accept and Install on the pop-up.

The Google Chrome installation is now being downloaded by your browser. To download and save the installer file, click Save.

install chrome windows 11 c1

Double-click the installer after the download is finished. select “Run”

install chrome windows 11 d1

Click Yes if a prompt requesting authorization to install displays. The last bit of Google Chrome’s download and installation are now complete.

install chrome windows 10 51

Google Chrome is downloading.

Change the default browser to Chrome

Our tutorial on setting Chrome as your default browser can be found here. You had a number of choices in that guide for setting Chrome as your default browser. Here is an illustration from there:

Open Chrome’s settings by clicking the settings button or typing chrome:/settings.

Try looking up “Default Browser”

“Make Chrome my default browser” should be clicked.

You’re done now.

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