How to check computer specs

How to check computer specs

Comparing your computer’s specifications is an excellent initial step before installing new software or carrying out updates and upgrades, whether you use a PC or a Mac. This page will demonstrate where to find your computer’s specs and how to examine information about your operating system, processor, and memory (RAM).

Every time you buy new software or hardware, it’s crucial to know what the specifications of your system are. You will experience problems if they don’t adhere to the manufacturer’s system specifications. To find your system’s specifications, just follow these simple steps.

For Windows 10


It’s very easy to check your Windows 10 computer’s system requirements. There are 2 techniques. The first will show a summary of the system’s essential information, including the version number of Windows 10, total RAM, and other technical details like your CPU and Windows 10 product ID.

The other will show more detailed specifications, such as the BIOS version, motherboard brand and model, and details on particular system drivers. If you need to locate particularly detailed information about your computer’s hardware or are troubleshooting a Windows 10 machine, viewing these specs might be quite helpful.

Click on the Windows Start button, then select Settings to view your computer’s hardware specifications (the gear icon). Go to System under the Settings menu. After you scroll down, select About. Your processor, memory (RAM), and other system information, including the version of Windows, should be displayed on this screen.

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For Windows 7


Find the “My Computer” icon on your desktop to view the hardware specifications of your PC. Select Properties with a right-click on this. Your PC’s hardware specifications, including the processor, RAM, and other system details like Windows version, should be listed in a window.

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