how much does it cost for geek squad charge to clean a computer

How much is a service call from Geek Squad Best Buy?

Geek Squad charges $300 per on-site service visit for business locations, but if it’s a one-time need, you may be able to order individual services from the homeowner menu or take your device into the store instead. Geek Squad computer repair just is not the best choice you can make.

Monthly plans incur a setup fee of $99.99 and a monthly fee of $24.99 or $49.99 per user, depending on the plan you choose. Since it’s a subscription, you pay this fee even if you don’t use the service that month, but it can save you money if you have a big problem or need frequent IT support. Geek Squad’s business service pricing is not easy to find online, so we recommend reaching out to customer support and asking questions based on your business needs.

In-Store Service Pricing

Set up for your Computer and Tablet
Set up for New Devices
Device Diagnostic and Repair
Physical Damage Repair
$84.95 + parts
Virus and Spyware Removal
Data Recovery, Level 1 (deleted files, reformatted drive)
Data Recovery, Level 2 (corrupted files, drive imaging)
Data Recovery, Level 2 Advanced (needs advanced hardware or firmware)
Data Recovery, Level 3 (device physically damaged; clean room needed

In-Home Services Pricing

Printer Setup or Troubleshooting
Modem Setup
Device Diagnostic and Repair
Virus and Spyware Removal
Wi-Fi Setup or Troubleshooting
Wireless Camera Install (2 cameras)
Wired Camera Install (2 cameras)


How much does it cost for Geek Squad to clean a computer

That Tech Jeff offers flat rate $69.99 service. This means you will never pay more than $69.99 for any computer help. And best of all, if your problem can’t be resolved for any reason, That Tech jeff does not charge!


How much is a Geek Squad membership at Best Buy?

A lot more than getting help from That Tech Jeff.

Best Buy TotalTech Support is promoted for homes but can be purchased for small businesses as well dependent on IT needs. It costs $199.99 per year for six devices. A device could be a computer, a printer, or an A/V setup, for example. The plan includes:

  • Unlimited support on all tech and appliances
  • Virus removal and anti-virus setup
  • Remote PC tuneup
  • Remote services, including software troubleshooting and repair, software installs, diagnostics, and data transfers and backup
  • In-store support for software installs, tablet setups, and car electronics
  • 24/7 online support
  • $49.99 for standard on-site services like home Wi-Fi setup, or services that could be done remotely
  • 20% off repairs and advanced services
  • 20% off Geek Squad Protection and AppleCare products, including 5-year warranties on products

*To get up to date pricing, call your local Geek Squad phone number

How much does it cost for Geek Squad to clean a computer

Does Geek Squad – Best Buy offer free estimates?

Thanks for the question! We are able to take a look at the unit in a free 20 minute appointment. We’ll look to see what’s going on and how it can be fixed. From there, it depends on the issue.

In other words, No.

That Tech Jeff offers estimates, advice, and will answer your questions at no charge.


how much does geek squad charge

How much does it cost for Geek Squad to clean a computer

How is Geek Squad – Best Buy overall rated?

Geek Squad At Best Buy has 2.0 stars from 55 reviews. 15 reviews that are not currently recommended.

That Tech Jeff currently has more than 1000 five-star reviews.


How much does it cost for Geek Squad to clean a computer

Before you make your Geek Squad Appointment

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9 Confessions Of A Former Geek Squad Geek

Consumerist reader K. recently ended his 4.5 year tenure as a Geek Squad member at Best Buy. And while he says that he considers his time there to be “generally a positive experience,” K. did feel that there is some backstage info the public might want to know.

K. writes:

1. A high percentage of Geek Squad employees lack basic troubleshooting skills such as correctly identifying malfunctioning components. This stems from inadequate and outdated training materials, such as the Best Buy Learning Lounge.

2. People are hired or promoted from other departments to Geek Squad simply to sell services. Specifically, individuals who have no experience working on computers are given the appearance of being a technician.

3. Selling services and warranties are pushed more than actually completing repairs. I remember one instance where my GM said that selling a new computer with services was more important than completing a customer’s unit that they had already paid for.

4. Employees are taught situational tactics to extract as much money as possible from a potential customer. If an individual had a small software issue that could simply be resolved, then we were taught to charge $200.

5. Although this changed shortly before I left, Geek Squad employees at the store I worked at were required to track each individual sale. Before the end of your shift, you were required to get a manager to look at your sales sheet and sign it. If you weren’t doing so well, then the manager “coached” you on how to sell more services.

6. Best Buy Credit Cards were pushed to customers at every available opportunity. More than once, I witnessed Best Buy employees talking to people about signing up for a credit card, only to find out they were not old enough. Also, we were taught in Geek Squad to push the credit card even if the customer was already paying with another form of tender.

7. There is no chance for advancement within the Geek Squad department. The only position an employee could move up to is the Manager.

8. Best Buy does not encourage Geek Squad employees to get certifications or reimburse or pay for part of taking a certification. I specifically remember inquiring about this, and apparently there exists such a program for the GS Auto Techs in which they also get paid more for each certification passed, but not for GS Computer Techs.

9. Geek Squad City, the repair center for repairs we could not do in-store (any repair that was not a hard drive, memory, or power supply replacement), routinely completed unsatisfactory repair work. There were times I would send off a computer 3 times for a verified issue and the unit would come back with the same issue un-repaired. The worst example I can remember was a laptop that had its screen replaced and where the webcam was supposed to be on the screen bezel was instead a screw that held the LCD together.