Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Santa Barbara Computer Repair


Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive.  Your questions not here?  Call Jeff 805-364-5284 or Text your question to 805-284-7295

What’s your no charge policy?

If your PC is not fixed to your satisfaction there is no charge.  Period.

How Do I know this online service is safe?

I can only offer my word and the reviews of my clients.  I always recommend you check my reviews to get a better idea of who I am and how I work.

Do you have customer service?

The best PC help in Santa Barbara, Goleta, UCSB and Montecito since 2000.  More than 200 reviews.  Our customer service speaks for itself! Take a look at my reviews.


Why is your price so little?  Other shops are charging more for the same service.

I do not have the expense of a shop and employees, and since I do most work online I have no travel time either.  Add that to the fact that you can purchase a new PC today for not a lot of money and you have the answer.  I believe my price is fair to not only my customers but to me as well.


I am not in California.  How can you help me from there?

Remote PC help has come a long way in past years and there is virtually nothing I cannot fix this way.  If its a hardware problem its typically not worth fixing due to the cost and I can resolve most every other issue for you just as if I were there! Its a very safe and easy way to get computer help. I have helped hundreds of customers over the years online.  Read my reviews!