Common Computer Repair Problems

Common computer repair problems. Help! Your computer isn’t working and you’re not happy. Whether you run a small business, are a student, or have aging parents in need of virtual assistance, get help with your tech troubles.That Tech Jeff, a top-rated computer tech, talks prevention, repairs, and backing it up. He specializes in PCs and Mac.

What services does Online Computer Repair That Tech Jeff offer?

Online troubleshooting and repair of hardware and software issues in Windows-based computers, Mac computers, networks, and peripherals. Jeff can help with any computer repair problems you may have.

What are the most common computer repair problems people have?

  • Unexplained system crash, instability, or degraded performance after extended use
  • Failed operating system upgrades or other updates that cause major corruption to a previously fine system
  • A perceived viral infection or otherwise sudden unexplained PC activity—raising often unfounded fears of a security threat or violation
  • A need to learn how to understand and properly use their PC and its applications; with a desire to advance personal skills over time

Are there are tips or tricks for avoiding major repair needs?

Backup, backup, backup, says Jeff! Backup your data regularly using at least one external device or service. Make your backups automatic. He likens not backing up your computer to driving your car cross-country without a spare tire. It’s just asking for trouble.

Before attempting any major upgrade, Jeff recommends consulting a pro or an experienced user to verify your system is truly ready for it. Relying on manufacturer assurances is not always adequate, he says, and the resulting failures during upgrades can cause immediate and permanent loss of data. (Remember where he mentioned external backups? This is when you need your spare tire!)

For security, Jeff suggests a multi-directional approach to firewall, antivirus, spyware, and malware. The cost of the consultation and set-up for this type of protection is often cheaper than all-in-one consumer products, he says, and are also light on system resources (read: they don’t take a lot of space).

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What are signs people someone needs professional IT help?

Rely on your instincts. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

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What are the costs for your different services?

I can help with just about any common computer repair problems for just $69.99 flat rate.

Any advice for first-timers on hiring a computer repair tech?

Expect to pay a fair price for a competent, prompt, professional service. He does ask you consider carefully before submitting a request for proposal. Without detailed answers to each question on the request form, vendors are unable to provide adequate quotes. As a reply costs each vendor real money, time, and effort, he urges potential clients to invest time into explaining the problem and being prepared to engage with a vendor.

One last tip…

Online tutoring (to learn to use your computer better) using private screen-sharing, remote control, voice, text, and video is actually superior to face-to-face instruction. It helps educate present day students on how to interact computer-to-computer, as well as how to create work products like documents, spreadsheets and presentations. When users learn the programs and are able to produce quality results and communicate the findings, it increases their worth at school, the workplace, the social, intellectual, and scientific communities.

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