Affordable laptop repair. You search online and just end up confused with so many choices.

When you need affordable laptop repair in Santa Barbara or Goleta. Often times I see laptop issues that while they could be repaired – would not be affordable. In many cases I find that it can be more affordable to replace than repair. Yes we now live in a disposable world.

affordable laptop repair

affordable laptop repair

When the cost of a laptop repair exceeds 50% of the replacement cost its likely not worth repairing. It does not make a whole lot of sense to spend almost as much as you would on a new laptop to repair one. Its soft of like an old car. Once things begin to fail you just never know what is next. Putting money into an old car or computer is risky. Even if the laptop repair is successful you will likely end up with a computer that works but has no warranty to cover future problems. Spending just a few hundred dollars more and replacing the laptop can often be the smarter move.

While some laptop issues may not result in affordable laptop repair, many laptop repairs are worth going forward with.  Cracked screens, failed hard drives, broken charging ports are great examples.  All of these things can be repaired relatively inexpensively.  However other problems such as CPU or Motherboard failure are the types of problems where we need to think twice.

If you do have laptop problems and just are not sure if it is worth repairing just give Jeff a call. He will give you honest advice, and if your laptop is repairable offers the best deal on computer help in Santa Barbara and Goleta.

I can help with both Mac and Windows based laptops as well as desktops. There is never a charge to answer your questions. Need tutoring to learn how to do more with your PC? I also offer tutoring both online and in your home or office.

Deciding whether or not to repair your laptop can be a tough decision to make. You need to consider the cost of replacing versus repairing and determine which is the most cost effective way to go for you. Many computer manufacturer’s actually make very little money from the actual sale of a new computer.

Focus is on selling you extended warranties, and peripherals. They really do not count on profiting much from the sale of the laptop itself. This has caused us to see a tremendous drop in laptop pricing – now as low as $250 for a brand new laptop.