How much does geek squad cost

How much does geek squad cost

When I left there about 2.5 years ago, I was a senior agent and was going to hell in a handbasket.

It started to be more about the sale than helping people with computers, they still fix computers, but they wanted you to push the sales. That is not what Geek Squad was/is about. I hated seeing what upper management was doing to it, which is why I was glad to cut my losses when I did. How much does Geek Squad cost? Too much! I still work in the computer field, which I love. So just know who you are dealing with when you go (they will try to sell you everything) unless they change, and I can’t see that they did.

How much does geek squad cost

I try to avoid Geek Squad for anything.

Everything they do is subpar. I’ve had three bad experiences with them and that was the sum total of my experiences with them. Additionally, their warranty services are attached to the name of the purchaser, not the device itself, meaning if you gift it, the warranty is gone. The one warranty repair I did get done there came back in worse condition that it started. How much does Geek Squad Cost? Too much. They’re all about assembly line service and while that may work in some situations, it doesn’t work at Best Buy. Steer clear of their warranties, of their refurbs, and really anything they do. Best Buy sells decent products and Geek Squad used to be good before Best Buy bought them, but now they’re pretty awful.

How much does geek squad cost

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How much does Geek Squad cost?

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How much does geek squad cost

Awful Customer Service for Repair

Waiting over a month for a Geek Squad appointment is ridiculous.

Best Buy is happy to take your money, but they don’t follow through on any commitment they might have.

I bought a very expensive TV from them that now needs repair. While they bear no blame for the TV not working, it’s on them to staff Geek Squad adequately so customers aren’t waiting a month for a repair.

Bottom line: shop elsewhere. Costco, Wal Mart, or maybe even Amazon are satisfactory alternatives.

I’ll buy my next TV somewhere else.

How much does geek squad cost

A Warning about the Geek Squad

Not sure if this goes here, if it doesn’t please point me to where it should go.

Anyways, with all the recent upset with Best Buy and people posting their stories, i’ll post mine that happened recently here which stands as a testament of why you should be wary of the Geek Squad.

Last year I bought a laptop for college, I then bought the Geek Squad Black Tie protection on it as they would fix anything I had issues with over the next 3 years. A week after this, I bought a seperate hard drive and installed it alongside the HDD that came stock (it has 2 HDD Bays)

So anyways, fast forward a year and after it’s first year of use it got sent back to the Geek Squad to repair a sound card issue and a few other minor problems.

I send it in, get a call saying one of my HDDs is bad and needs to be replaced (odd) so I ask which one, they confirm it was the stock one that comes with the laptop, not the aftermarket. So I give them permission to remove THAT one.

Once I received my laptop, upon bootup, I noticed they uninstalled my Windows 8, odd because the OS was on my personal HDD. Upon looking at the drives, I had a C drive with 373GB of storage, and a D Drive with 350GB of storage. (I had a 1TB and a 750GB before) so I check disk management and find out that I only had one HDD partitioned to look like I had 2 of them.

Off to Best Buy we go, I wait my turn patiently, go up to the counter and say that I received my laptop after repair and my personal hard drive was missing from the computer. The employee’s response? “What do you want me to do about it”, we had to get the supervisor over and went through the entire scenario, they told us to check back in 3 days.

5 days down the road I get a call from Best Buy, the person said “So you want the data recovery on this hard drive right?”, completely annoyed by now, I exclaimed “NO! I WANT MY HARD DRIVE BACK”, they claimed it was against company policy, so I had to explain I never gave them permission to remove that hard drive. After that, I got the “Oh…. we are going to have to look into this” message, and 5 days later again I get the phone call saying they screwed up and are now shipping the hard drive to the store where I could pick it up.

Finally after 2.5 weeks I received my personal hard drive.

I would give them the benefit of the doubt but then why was my remaining hard drive partitioned to look like 2 hard drives? That leads me to believe they screwed up / attempted to steal it, and tried to cover their tracks. Imagine how many more people are victim of these scenarios and just aren’t able to recognize this? A missing gig of ram, who will notice, understand what i’m getting at here. Even if it weren’t stolen, it is possible that components might go missing through negligence which is possibly what happened and someone who isn’t tech savvy would never notice.

Anyways, I hope my story makes people worry about their computer with best buy, and that they will always check to make sure they aren’t being screwed over.

How much does geek squad cost

Horrible Service

Managed to get someone to connect to computer and did so for 2 hours, no result so sent to another dept. who set up an on site technician for my home time to be between 1 and 5pm same day. No one showed up, no one called and already late into the follow day meaning I’ve just been thrown under the bus by Geek Squad and Best Buy.

How much does geek squad cost

Being elderly really has its drawbacks…

Being elderly really has its drawbacks when it comes to obtaining any service that’s halfway reliable. I say this because Geek Squad has been doing remote assistance on my PC for three days now and somehow just can’t seem to get their act together. Each time they ‘clean it up’, they leave 300+ Win IE files on it, and each time I run the analyzer it’s something else needing done. This is PC isn’t even 3 yrs old yet and I’m the only one using it. But where else can I get a company to take remote control and just fix something? I’ve wasted way too much money with Geek Squad :(

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