How much does geek squad cost in 2023? And why the terrible service?

How much does geek squad cost in 2023? And why the terrible service?

How much does geek squad cost

When I left there about 2.5 years ago I was a senior agent and was going to hell in a handbasket.

It started to be more about the sale then helping people with computers, they still fix computer but they wanted you to push the sales. That not what Geek Squad was/is about. I hated seeing what upper management was doing to it that why I was glad to cut my loses when I did. How much does Geek Squad cost? Too much! I still work in the computer field which I love. So just know who you are dealing with when you go (they will try to sell you everything) unless they change an d I can’t see that they did.

I try to avoid Geek Squad for anything.

Everything they do is subpar. I’ve had three bad experiences with them and that was the sum total of my experiences with them. Additionally, their warranty services are attached to the name of the purchaser, not the device itself, meaning if you gift it, the warranty is gone. The one warranty repair I did get done there came back in worse condition that it started. How much does Geek Squad Cost? Too much. They’re all about assembly line service and while that may work in some situations, it doesn’t work at Best Buy. Steer clear of their warranties, of their refurbs, and really anything they do. Best Buy sells decent products and Geek Squad used to be good before Best Buy bought them, but now they’re pretty awful.

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How much does Geek Squad cost?

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