Looking for an alternative to taking your computer to Geek Squad for repair or service? That Tech Jeff offers lower prices, faster service, and has a better Google rating. Two of the most common complaints I hear about geek Squad are price and time.

Alternative to Geek Squad

Is Geek Squad more expensive?

Geek Squad charges more than $120 for computer repair. Compare this to my low rate of just $69.99 for online service. Geek Squad computer technicians average 1-5 years of experience*. Compare that with my more than 25 years of helping folks all over the U.S.

Why is Geek Squad so Expensive?

Geek Squad along with other large computer repair providers such as Nerds On Call do a lot (to say the least) of national advertising, and operate a fleet of wrapped vehicles. Someone has to pay for this. They also tend to really push you to buy additional services and/or products.

You can have your computer repair performed online if you are able to access the Internet. You’ll pay just $69.99 and nothing if its bad news or can’t be resolved online. I will save you money compared to Geek Squad prices, and my service is unmatched. Just read the reviews.

Whether its a laptop or desktop computer I will do my best to get it running at its best for you as inexpensively as possible.

*based on personal research

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I am also one of the only computer repair open Sunday. No matter which day of the week you need help I am here for you as an alternative to Geek Squad.

I can help Both PC and Mac users with:

  • Slow performance
  • Virus Removal
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office
  • iCloud
  • Printers
  • Email
  • Windows 11

If you have an issue not listed here give me a call and let’s find out if I can help. Unlike most other online computer repair shops I do not charge for diagnosis. You only pay if your problem is resolved!

Does Geek Squad Charge for Diagnostic?

The answer in short, is yes. Although my understanding is that they do offer up to 20 minutes, this is in no way near enough time to make an accurate diagnosis. That Tech Jeff only charges if your problem is not, or can not be fixed.

Still have questions? Give me a call and see how I can help. 805 364 5284

alternative to geek squad

Geek Squad

That Tech Jeff can help you with your computer no matter where you live! Get online computer help or computer tutoring no matter where you live. Just read the more than 800 five-star reviews. (thumbtack and google combined). A great alternative to Geek Squad.

That Tech Jeff has 26 years experience and has offered computer help online since 2007.

Before you head to Geek Squad get That Tech Jeff’s advice. Its free.

Affordable and honest FLAT RATE online help – no hourly charge.

You pay just one price if your problems are fixed and nothing if not.

Patient online computer tutoring also available by appointment.

alternative to geek squad

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Can you trust Geek Squad?

Read more about why it may be beneficial to find a Geek Squad alternative.

Consumerist reader K. recently ended his 4.5 year tenure as a Geek Squad member at Best Buy. And while he says that he considers his time there to be “generally a positive experience,” K. did feel that there is some backstage info the public might want to know.


Recent Tech Jeff Review

I just went through a computer scam that cost me $5,400 in Apple gift cards. I needed to have my computer checked for any implanted virus or malware before I started my new bank account. I contacted Jeff and was really pleased with the service I received. He checked my computer and then asked if there was anything else. I had a problem with the email address for my daughter. That little problem took 45 minutes to fix. He is real easy to talk to and very good at explaining things. He also said that he would answer any questions I might have later. I would call him again without hesitation and will recommend him to friends.

Does That That Jeff Offer Home Tech Support Services?

Although Tech Jeff works online only, most computer and printer issues can be fixed online. You do not need to have a stranger come into your home to resolve most computer problems.