Computer support for small businesses – like yours.

computer support for small businesses

Times are difficult for many small businesses including my own. We look for ways to cut expenses everywhere we can, preferable without compromising service for price. Thats where Computer Support For Small Businesses Like Yours from Tech Jeff comes in.

With more than 20 years experience, and just under 800 five-star reviews, you should consider Jeff if you currently pay more than $14.99 per month, per computer for monthly maintenance.

How can computer support for small business from Tech Jeff help my small business?

Monthly computer maintenance is a must for all businesses, and particularly small businesses. Larger businesses tend to have spare computers readily available, and/or a handsome budget and can spare no expense.

Small business owners typically cannot afford to have spare computers just laying around. And if small businesses had large budgets, they probably aren’t really a small business. Small business owners need to make their equipment last. Just like your car, your computers require maintenance.

What is monthly maintenance and how does this work?

Just like most equipment computers must be maintained. Failing to do this can result in a vast amount of problems, slowing down your business and cost you. My small business clients are located all over the U.S. since computer maintenance by Tech Jeff is performed remotely, and after business hours. When service is established, GoToAssist, a very secure remote program by Citrix, is installed on each of your office computers.

Each month on a specified day and time, Jeff remotes in and performs maintenance and then provides a report. Trackers and cookies are cleared, any Malware or infections removed, and updates are installed. This ensures your computers continue to operate as efficiently as possible.

Why is your monthly maintenance plan priced so low?

The reason I am able to keep the cost for monthly computer maintenance so low is that I am able to work on multiple computers at the same time. For example, an office with 6 computers will take me about 1.5 hours. At just $14.95 per month per PC, that amounts to just $89.70 per month, roughly 1/4 of what most of my competitors charge for this same service.

What if my office has more serious computer issues?

Other computer problems will happen. Clients on my monthly maintenance plan receive half off my normal repair price of $69.99, paying just $34.99 for any computer repair. You not only save big on monthly maintenance, but you save on repairs as well.

How can you repair our computers from so far away?

Remote technology has really advanced. There are very few issues that cannot be addressed remotely. The best and most honest answer I can give is this “If I am not able to repair a computer, it is likely not worth repairing.

How do we know we can trust you?

To be completely honest you don’t. I highly suggest you read my Google and Thumbtack reviews, or ask to speak to my other small business clients for reference.

How can we learn more?

Give Tech Jeff a call at 805 364 5284 or fill out the form below to discuss your needs, get answers to questions about the service, or set up service for your small business.

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