Scammers are back at it, pretending to be well-known companies in order to defraud individuals. This time, they are posing as representatives of Geek Squad, Best Buy’s tech assistance department.

What are people telling me about the scam and what should you do if you see it?

You receive a text message or email informing you that your Geek Squad membership renewal will or has already cost hundreds of dollars. The message states that you must call a phone number within 24 hours if you wish to contest the charge or terminate your membership.

The con artist might request remote access to your computer if you call the number, which you shouldn’t do. If you give it to them, they can implant spyware on your computer, get your login information for online banking, and take money out of your bank account.

In order to refund your money, some con artists may ask for the details of your bank account. They then create a false transaction to make it appear as though they unintentionally over refunded you. They advise you to purchase gift cards and provide them the gift card numbers and PINs as payment.

Such scary communications are sent by con artists to frighten you. Stop letting them. If you believe the message to be authentic, get in touch with the business at a number you can trust. The number provided in the message should not be used.

Additionally, look for any fraudulent transactions on your credit card or bank account. If you notice one, notify the institution and request that they reverse it and return your money.

2023 Geek squad subscription renewal scam

Find out what to do if you paid a scammer, or gave them your personal information or access to your computer.

If you see a scam, report it to the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

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