Go Daddy Experience Santa Barbara Computer Repair “That Tech Jeff”

My Santa Barbara Go Daddy experience.  What a week.  Monday morning I wake up to an email from Go-Daddy informing me that I have exceeded the email quota and have been sending out almost 600 emails per hour!  Hacked????

go daddy experience

go daddy experience

An immediate call to Go Daddy to find out more.  Keep in mind that Go Daddy has no idea I am myself a computer technician with 30 years in the business.  I am told by Go Daddy that my website is infected and that the solution is to pay them $250 to clean it.  Being in IT for as many years as I have I opted to scan the site myself.  CLEAN AS A WHISTLE.

When I report this to Go Daddy I am again informed that my only option is to pay them the $250.  At this point I decided to remove all my business from Go Daddy’s hands.  Unfortunately this cause thattechjeff.com to disappear for a few days.  As you can see I am back up with a new look and a new hosting provider which I absolutely LOVE. Their support really puts Go Daddy’s terrible customer service to shame. If you need web hosting I HIGHLY recommend Hostgator.  I have had to call them at least 6 times so far speaking with a different support representative each time.  Each one of them was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I really wish I had known about HostGator long ago but am thankful they are there now.

That’s it for this rant post.  I wanted to let you know what happened to the old site and recommend you avoid using Go Daddy at all costs. Also use Go Daddy at the school I work for and have had the  same experience with Go Daddy. Until next time!