Online Computer Help – Trust Is A Two Way Street

I’ve been helping people and small businesses with their computers for many years. Until about 2007 I only serviced Santa Barbara and Goleta, and I came to your home or business. But then things changed. With more and more people obtaining access to the Internet – along with the improvements in technology which allowed fast speeds – Online Computer Help was born.

goleta online computer help

Online computer help quickly became an easy way to get assistance with your PC. However with its greatness came a darkness. Scammers. People with no morals out to make a quick buck. These scammers go as far as claiming to be from Microsoft itself and try and talk their victim into allowing them access to the PC. Once on the PC they bring up some things only a technician or advanced user would understand and tell their victim the PC is infected. They offer a cleanup typically for a couple to several hundred dollars. If the victim declines and does not give in to the pressure the scammer activates a virus which locks the victim out of their own computer. This gave online computer help a terrible reputation to many people. A typical case of a few making it bad for a lot.

In 2007 I lost my home and business in Santa Barbara and left California for a few years. This is when I myself really implemented online remote support for my clients. It was that or lose them. This worked extremely well then and and continues to work extremely well today. However these folks already knew and trusted me. What about the completely new customer who wasn’t referred to me and does not know me at all?

Always check reviews. I have many on Google and on other sites which will give you a good idea of my service. Remember that when you have your PC worked on online you can always pull the plug! The customer is actually always in control. You literally have the power. Also never believe anyone who calls you to tell you their is a problem with your PC. Even if they claim to be Microsoft.

Trust is a two way street. How do I the online technician know you will pay me once I am done? What is to prevent a customer from having me clean/repair their PC online and then disappearing into the void never to be seen again?

I have no way of knowing. I have to trust you. You have to trust me.

Remember that you should not believe anyone who calls you to tell you their is a problem with your PC. Even if they claim to be Microsoft. Even if its me (Unless you’ve called me first!).

Until next time.

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